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October 12, 2020  

The Ram Jack Sign Dart

In this episode, Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell discusses the product "Sign Dart" with Justin Presley of Ram Jack. This project has the potential to save the government millions in costs to repair damaged or eradicated signs along the many roads across the country. They talk about the importance of relationships, the value of research and development, the importance of resources and why this manufacturing giant chooses to call Oklahoma home.  

September 28, 2020  


In this episode we visit the Oil and Gas industry to learn about how one company is testing a product which would lower noise and pollution levels for manufacturing companies. Ron Key discusses the project and the potential of this technology to help over a multitude of industries. 

September 28, 2020  


Lt. Governor Pinnell is joined by Shoaib and Michael of Xplosafe, a company located in Stillwater Oklahoma that specializes in the manufacturing of explosive detection products. The conversation revolves around why they chose Oklahoma as a global headquarters and how the business climate in Oklahoma is friendly enough for any company to prosper. 

September 28, 2020  

Hough Ear Institute

In this episode the Lieutenant Governor sits down with Dr. Richard Kopke from the Hough Ear Institute in Oklahoma City. This company has been a worldwide leader in the search for the cure to hearing loss. Dr. Kpoke discusses their revolutionary new pill which is currently being referred to as HNPN-1010. This product is a pill that in lab testing has shown to help restore hearing loss by re-growing hairs within the inner ear. If this product is proven successful, it could be a cure for hearing loss associated with age and environmental factors.  


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